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Marni Goldman is the CEO of Peace Love Marni, certified life coach, and author of True to Myself. She strives to end the stigma surrounding mental illness with her words of Marnivational wisdom.

I am a human testament to human resilience. Inspirational, motivating, strength, sparkle, survival.
Marni Goldman

About Me

My life circumstances are jaw
dropping and unimaginable.

Not only have I survived a lifetime of trauma, diagnosed with a host of disorders, a survivor living with my disorders, and I am able to share what I do to survive.

Many people can preach it; I have lived a life filled with just as dramatic trauma (TraumaDrama). My life story sounds fiction…Just when you think you’ve heard it all…

True To Myself: Peace,
Love, Marni

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Marni Goldman has lived a life. The daughter of a single, glamorous but drug-addicted mother, Marni married the first time for money (as she’d been instructed to do by her family) and the second time for love. She went on to use her “mama’s gut – a badass gut” to raise her daughter and her son (who has a rare genetic disorder), all the while grappling with her own depression, ADHD, childhood PTSD, and anxiety – not to mention a leukemia diagnosis.

True To Myself: Peace Love Marni

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