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Radio Interview with Ken Broo


● LI News radio w/ Jay Oliver

TOPIC: 988 Mental Health Hotline Prepares For Launch Nationwide

● 700 WLW Cincinnati w/ Ken Broo 700 WLW (REPEAT GUEST)

TOPIC: 50%Of Adults Admit They Have Conversations With Inanimate Objects, Plants, AndPets

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TOPIC: How to clear negative energy out of your life

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TOPIC: How to remove negative energy from your life

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TOPIC: Mental Health Tips

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70% Of Americans Consider Their Dog Their Best Friend

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TOPIC: How to clear negative energy from your life

● The Saturday Spotlight with Dan Gaffney WXDE Radio

TOPIC: Social Media Use Tied to Increase of Depressive Symptoms in Adults

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SiriusXM New York, NY

Research Finds That Your Good & Bad Moods Are Contagious

● Channel Q – National Radio

Does your child have what it takes to be a superstar

● Jeff Angelo Talk Show Host, NEWSRADIO 1040 WHO/Newsradio 600 WMT iHeartMedia

TOPIC: Five Ways How To Clear Out Negative Energy In Your Life

● WFAN AM 66, FM 101.9

TOPIC: All things mental health and overcoming trauma

● iHeartMedia News Allentown / Harrisburg / Reading / Williamsport

TOPIC: Research Finds That Your Good & Bad Moods Are Contagious

● KAHI Radio, AM 950, Mary Jane Popp (REPEAT GUEST)

TOPIC: Protecting yourself from negative energy

● The Advisor with Stacey Chillemi

TOPIC: how to remove negative energy from your life

● The Morning Beat – Channel Q

how good and bad moods are contagious.

● KLZ560

-TOPIC: Mental health benefits of laughter

● WVON 1690AM

TOPIC: What Are The Mental Health Benefits of Laughter?

● The Frank Truatt Morning Show
WTBQ 1110 AM 93.5 FM & WGHT 1500 AM 98.3 FM

TOPIC: How Will The Cancellation Of Student Loan Debt Psychologically Impact Americans?

● Kevin Wall: Live & LocalAM 670 KMZQ
USA Radio Network

49% Of Workers Fear Repercussions For Being Open About Their Mental Health At Work