About Peace Love Marni

Empowerment Coach

Marni Goldman

Empowerment Coach

I am an empowerment coach and the founder and CEO of Peace Love Marni Inc. which is devoted to ending the stigma surrounding mental health. I have lived a lifetime that most wouldn’t believe and at 47, I was presented with a series of diagnoses that went untreated my whole life ranging from CPTSD, ADHD, etc. The clouds suddenly dimmed and brought me a new sense of clarity and a passion for the wellness space and empowering others. I can attest that it is okay to not be okay and there is help and resources to get you through the other side, regardless of what you are enduring. I offer a series of empowerment coaching for individuals and groups, as well as motivational engagements.

Our mantra around here is to stay true to yourself and do not ever let anyone dull your sparkle. I look forward to starting your journey to peace.

Much love and peace,