How to Attract Positive Energy

how to attract positive energy

How to Attract Positive Energy

Positivity is a feeling and an overall good vibe that flows through us and shred every once of negative energy in your life. It’s something we feel on our own in our daily life. It’s also something we can pass on to others. 

Let’s face it. We’re not going to feel positive 100% of the time, but most people typically embrace positive energy and don’t lack positive energy. And maybe not even 50% of the time, to be honest. But, with that said, we want to increase our chances of positivity as much as we can. 

So, what is positivity? And how do we increase our chances of attracting positive energy? Read on to find out how to attract positive energy and more!

What is Positive Energy?

Before we dive into how to attract positive energy, the first step is to define what this trait is. Positive energy has a few different meanings. 

First of all, this type of energy contains good thoughts. When you and others think positively, the good energy you, friends, and even strangers think will surround you.

But, positive energy isn’t just about thinking favorably. This type of vibe relates to good actions and feelings.

In general, positive energy is an overall vibe of goodness. Your daily life is filled with wonderful things and happy thoughts. In addition, your upbeat nature is something that easily spreads to others. And in return, this passing on of good vibes will help others exude positivity. 

This type of good vibe feeling doesn’t have concrete boundaries. It’s a fluid situation. You know it when you feel it. You also know how it feels when others pass their positivity on to you. There’s a new lightness in your step that you may have never felt before. 

If you feel good and express these warm feelings, you can say you’re putting out more positive energy to all people around you. And they’ll notice it! 

Why is Positive Energy Important?

Positive energy is so important! It’s vital that you feel this type of good vibe but also that you pass the positive nature on to others. So, why is positive energy an essential component? And why should you strive for this type of vibrant attribute whenever possible?

Positive energy is important because it is our driving force for being the best we can be. When we think positively and act positively we can achieve great things. When you’re positive you think good thoughts in the present and also in the future. When you foresee great things, you can realize these goals.

When you possess positive energy, you live with a can-do spirit. You don’t just think maybe it’s possible, you know it is. When you live a positive life and exhibit this type of proactive behavior, you can do almost anything you put your mind to. 

When you’re optimistic, you’re not saying there isn’t negativity in the world. You simply choose to focus on positive aspects of life and push those negative thoughts and past trauma to the side. Basically, you declare there’s no room in your life for negativity. 

Another reason to strive for positive energy is so we don’t sit and let our dreams pass us by. We take our positivity, make realistic and favorable goals, and then get to work making those goals happen.  Lastly, It can boost your immunity, reduce stress and energy levels and aid positive development.

How Do We Attract Positive Energy?

Now that you know why positive energy is so important, you might wonder how to attract this type of energy. Positivity of this nature doesn’t always come from within. It can be obtained from others around us. 

So, how do we attract positive energy? The best way to bring in these good vibes is to evaluate how we spread this positivity. When we act positively, we can attract positive energy from others. 

Here are some other ways to attract a positive nature:

Think Good Thoughts

One of the best ways to pursue positivity is through your thoughts. If you think good thoughts, your actions will follow. 

Being positive on the inside will be reflected on the outside. When you think positive thoughts, those thoughts will lead into your daily life and show in your actions. 

Keep Negative People Out of Your Life

Another way to practice positivity is to keep negative people out of your life. These people are ones who may not see the good in anything or may exhibit passive/aggressive behavior. Even though you aren’t being negative, the nastiness of others can dampen your positive vibes. 

Sometimes you can’t avoid certain negative influences. This is the case when you have negative family members. In this case, try to block out the negativity if you can’t avoid these people. However you do it, the end goal is to take any negativity in your life and make it less likely to occur. 

Create a Good Energy Balance

If you find that you’re trying to be positive but you still have a bit of a negative vibe in your life, balance out the energies. Take any negative energy you may have and add positive energy to it. Otherwise, you’ll be weighed down by the negativity and feel overwhelmed by it. A good exercise is also helpful, it releases negative energy stored in your body and also helps restore positive energy and positive energy builds confidence. Try to listen to positive energy music and repeat a positive energy affirmation of your choice. 

Know Your Worth

Sometimes positivity may be lacking within you because you don’t realize your worth. You need to appreciate that you are important and special. You deserve good health, mindfulness, and positivity. 

Thinking positively has many beneficial results. You can improve your mental and physical wellbeing. And know you’re worth it! When you know how important you are to others, this will bring on a positive aspect to your life. 

Be Kind and Compassionate 

In keeping with the phrase you get what you give, if you’re kind and compassionate, you’ll get this positive energy back. It’s important to be kind and compassionate no matter what. In addition, it adds to the overall positive energy that surrounds you. Kindness and compassion help you achieve more positive energy. 

Don’t Hold Grudges 

It’s important to let things go. When you forgive and forget you can create positivity for yourself and those around you. It’s okay to get upset about things. You’re only human. However, it’s best to be upset just for a little while and then let it all go. 

Harboring bad feelings towards someone will only hurt you in the end by creating a negative environment. 

Patience is Ideal

You should also know that positivity needs time to grow. It’s not immediate gratification. Therefore, you have to be patient.

When you show patience regarding your environment, and those within it, you can work on building your positivity for you and all around you. 

How Do We Increase the Positivity We Have?

If you already have a good amount of positivity, it’s always a good idea to continually build upon it. In fact, you can never be too positive. Your positive nature will brighten your mood and the day of those around you. 

Multiply the Joy You Have

When you’re feeling joyful, make sure you really embrace this good feeling. Take your good vibes and feel thankful every day for the little things in life. When you appreciate the good around you, you’ll find that this positive aspect multiplies. It may be helpful to begin a gratitude journal where you write down all the things you’re grateful for and to feel fully present.

Don’t Stress About It

Most importantly, don’t stress about how positive you are. You want to increase your personal positive nature but don’t worry about doing so. It will naturally evolve if you take the time to be happy. 

Tips to Spread Positive Energy to Others

Now that you know how to be positive on your own, it’s important to spread this positivity to those around you. Here are some tips to spread positive energy to other people:

Be There for Others

You can spread your positive nature by being there for others. Whether it’s providing a kind word or lending a helping hand, you can be there for others in many ways. 

When you show kindness and helpfulness to others, your positivity will shine through in all that you do. 

Pay Someone a Compliment

Another way to share good vibes is to pay someone a compliment. Something as simple as telling a friend or even a stranger you like their outfit or paying them a similar compliment can put a big smile on their face and happiness in their heart. 

Smile As You Go About Your Day

Smiling is an easy way to put positive energy into the universe. A smile is something easy to do and goes a long way. This type of action spreads positivity and will make others smile in return. 

Express Thanks

You are likely thankful for many things. With this in mind, you should always remember to thank others. It could be something like thanking the barista at your local coffee shop or even thanking someone for holding the door for you. 

When you express thanks, you are being positive and people will notice. This type of easy action may also pass along this positive energy to those you thank. 

Pay It Forward

If someone does something nice for you, make sure you pay it forward. This positive action on the part of others should be kept going and you can keep it in motion. 

For example, if someone in front of you in a drive-thru coffee shop pays for your drink, make sure you pay this kindness forward. Pay for the beverage of the person behind you and keep this good energy going. 

If you live a positive life, make sure you spread this positivity to those around you and keep this goodness going. 

Increase Your Positive Energy Today

Now’s the perfect time to increase your positive energy! To recap, here are some ways to attract positive energy for yourself and the people around you: 

  • Smile often
  • Get rid of negative vibes
  • Help others pursue positive living
  • Pay compliments
  • Attract good energy
  • Stay positive
  • Look for the silver lining
  • Know you have the power
  • Boost your confidence
  • Think positively 
  • Be kind
  • Practice gratitude
  • Envision positive outcomes
  • Pursue inner peace
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Improve your future self

When you pursue a positive lifestyle, you’ll exude positivity. Just think of the law of attraction! You’ll also easily attract others with this type of attribute. And if you spread your positivity to others, you’re helping to make the world a better place. On the contrary, low negative energy makes you feel wiped out, anxious and inhibited. So, have a sense of how low positive energy typically presents itselft.

Increase positive energy because the more positive energy you have the less stagnant energy persists. To function properly, live in the present moment, don’t worry about external influence, and keep your energy levels high. With the right positive thinking, you can take your positive attitude and do wonderful things with it.